Webarella SDCC 2013 Exclusive doll

Webarella doll

Webarella doll

This is the exclusive Monster High doll from the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2013 event, following on from exclusives in previous years such as Scarah Screams. Webarella is officially part of the Power Ghouls line as her non-superhero name is Wydowna Spider.

Wydowna is the daughter of Arachne. She has six arms and six eyes – 4 red ones and two which resemble human eyes. She also has fangs, all adding to her scary appearance but in actual fact Wydowna is kind and caring. Her six arms come in a lot of use as she can help out and do a lot of things at once.

She has a pet housefly called Shoo. Shoo comes with the Webarella doll.

Price-wise she is very expensive as she was an exclusive doll at the SDCC 2013 event. With only a limited number produced we’d expect this price to rise to $200 plus over the next year, similar to the other exclusive SDCC dolls.

  • This is Webarella, the superhero doll for Wydowna Spider.
  • Limited edition doll – no more are being produced by Mattel.
  • The price is high but expect it to only rise over time.
  • Comes with her pet called Shoo, an extra outfit, and a couple of accessories.
  • Current Price: $135.99

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Did You Know Wydowna (Webarella) is an amazing multi-tasker but this is also her fatal flaw, as sometimes she takes on so many tasks that she can become totally burned out.
Price tracking for Monster High Webarella SDCC 2013 Exclusive:
$ $135.99

Close-up View of Webarella:

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  1. abigail says:

    she is amazing!!!!!!!!

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  2. cece says:

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  3. Venus says:

    Webarella is beautiful

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  4. carlos says:

    I buy every single doll for my daughter but these prices from the 100s are too much ridiculously the most I will pay is 50 and under.

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  5. Sharon Gibbon says:

    Why can’t I order this and have it delivered to Australia?

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  6. Icky says:

    Anyone else hoping she’ll comes out mainstream like Scarah did? Crossing my fingers for 2014!

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  7. iheartmh3@monster.high.com says:

    I love monster high

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  8. Debbie VonHendricks says:

    I have her also. I love these little dolls

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