Toralei Stripe

Toralei Stripe Doll
Power Ghouls Toralei Stripe Doll
Toralei as part of the Fearleading Werecats

Profile of Toralei Stripe:

She’s has the reputation of being the bad girl of Monster High. Discover all there is to know about Toralei below, from her best friends to her fatal flaw…

Quick-Fire Facts
Toralei Stripe Doll

Toralei Stripe Doll

  • Toralei is the daughter of an orange werecat, but she has told people that she has been abandoned along with her sisters, no one is sure if this is totally true or not.
  • Her age is 15 and she hasn’t used up any of her nine lives just yet.
  • Toralei loves to eat anchovies and milkshakes – just don’t combine the two as she hates the taste of them both together.
  • Her best friends at Monster High are Purrsephone and Meowlody – two other cats who she hangs out with and starts rumors with.
  • Toralei tends to tell a lot tall stories, so the things that she says are not always to be believed.

Toralei is one of the leaders at school and she is something of a mean girl, people don’t want to get on the wrong side of her or she will get angry. She loves to cause problems for other people which can lead to her not being the most popular student at Monster High.

However, if someone is feeling down she doesn’t like to make things worse and at times like this she can show that she has a much softer side.

One thing that Toraeli is really good at is doing impressions of people’s voices which makes her a great copy cat.

It also means that she can cause even more trouble as she pretends to be other people on the phone! She likes to manipulate the students that hang around with her and she can be sarcastic and loves nothing more than to spread rumours about others.

Fashion Style & Looks

Toralei is into fashions which make her look even more graceful and feline without making her look like a scardey cat. She loves to wear clothes with attitude to match her out and loves items with spikes and stripes as they look so good on her.

Toralei’s orange fur has dark stripes on the left leg and right arm with more on her face, she also has a dark orange spot which goes around one of her eyes. Her hair is in an emo style with stripes and her eyes are just like a cat’s making her look even more striking. She is into Scene fashion and will always make sure that she is looking her very best before leaving the house for school each day.

Toralei’s clothes stay that she isn’t to be told what to do, which is true to her attitude. You won’t find her wearing clothes that are too girly as these would make her look as though she had a weakness and that is something that she wants to avoid. Anything in orange which is her favorite color with black stripes is bound to look good on her.

Freakish Flaw

She is interested in how her actions, especially the nasty ones affect other people which can be seen as really mean towards students.

Sweet Fangs

Sweet Fangs

Pet Peeve

Toralei’s biggest pet peeve is that she hates to be rubbed the wrong way, do this and she will get her revenge on you!

What Toralei Enjoys Doing

The one thing that Toralei loves to do is take a nap, just like all other cats do.


Toralei’s pet is a sabre-toothed tiger who is called Sweet Fangs. She might look scary but she is actually much nicer than Toralei is!

Favorite Subject at School

The subject that Toralei loves at school is Drama as she is so good at doing impressions of others. She has a natural flair for this but it can get her into trouble.

Most Hated Subject at School

The subject that Toralei wishes she didn’t have to participate in is math as it makes her remember memories that aren’t too happy.