Swim Class Venus McFlytrap Doll

Swim Class Venus McFlytrap Doll

Swim Class Venus McFlytrap Doll

Venus may love plant life but she’s not afraid of going for a swim every now and then! This is the second Venus McFlytrap doll, following up on the incredibly popular original one.

Style-wise Venus is wearing a swimsuit with very striking colorful zigzags.

On her legs you’ll spot her trademark vines, and she’s wearing high-heeled pink sandals.

Her skin tone is always striking… a fluorescent green color, matching Venus’ love of the environment. This is similar to her stylish green sunglasses, the color of course inspired by her environmentalism.

As always a huge amount of thought has gone into Venus’ outfit which is why she’s such a much-loved doll. She comes with a towel which design matches her swimsuit. Plus, she’s also carrying a pink bag which matches her sandals.

  • Only the second ever Venus doll.
  • Superb value – if you want a cheaper Venus McFlytrap doll then this is the one for you!
  • With her stunning zigzag swimsuit and trademark vines she’s looking gorgeous.
  • This is one of three dolls in the Swim Class collection.

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Did You Know Sunshine is one of Venus’ favorite foods. She’ll get plenty of that when she’s swimming!
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Your Reviews:

Review by Clarissa, 33:

“This really is a beautiful doll, it’s going to be a great addition to my daughter’s collection.”

Review by Lisa, 21:

“Venus is gorgeous, she’s my favorite doll to date. With her zigzag swimsuit and neon green sunglasses she’s definitely the best of the three!

It is a little frustrating that she doesn’t come with a stand. I’m an older collector so would like to be able to put her on display, but then again she is from a budget line so I kind of understand.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Monster High are they released already? I want to buy. How many monster high dolls in all I want to collect them all. I’m an avid fan of Monster High dolls. thanks

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  2. rochelle goyle says:

    I want her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. tahlia says:

    Me too I have the original so it would be great to own this one

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