Swim Class Rochelle Goyle Doll

Swim Class Rochelle Goyle Doll

Swim Class Rochelle Goyle Doll

This is Rochelle from Wave 2 of the Monster High Swim Class line. Having joined Monster High in 2012 Rochelle has rapidly become one of the most popular characters, partly because of her background in Paris but also because she has such cute outfits.

In her latest outfit Rochelle is sporting a pink swimsuit top with a green printed frilly skirt. Her sunglasses, bag and shoes all match and she sticks with her pink hair with green streaks in it.

You’ll also notice that she does of course have her wings, illustrating her background as a gargoyle from Paris. Unfortunately for Rochelle her wings don’t help her with swimming!

  • This is the 5th Rochelle Goyle doll release.
  • She’s rapidly become one of the most-loved ghouls.
  • She’s wearing an adorable two-part swimsuit.
  • Her accessories include her sunglasses, a bag and a small towel.
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Did You Know Rochelle might go in the water but don’t expect her to do too much swimming as she tends to sink like a stone!
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    I love Rochelle

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    I so want it

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