Scaris Abbey Bominable Doll

Scaris Abbey Bominable Doll

Scaris Abbey Bominable Doll

The ghouls are heading to Scaris and Abbey is on the trip. She does have plenty of experience when it comes to travelling, certainly more experience than most of her friends, as she’s from the North.

She actually arrived at Monster High as a foreign exchange student but has quickly become one of the main characters thanks in large part to her personality and style.

Abbey might be known as being tough in school but she’s still a great travelling companion and an essential edition to anyone’s collection.

  • This is Abbey from the highly anticipated Scaris range.
  • With her cute ponytail and stylish handbag you need to own Scaris Abbey!
  • This is one of the tallest Monster High dolls as Abbey is taller than most of the other ghouls.
  • Scaris Abbey will always be in demand – you can’t go wrong with buying her!
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Did You Know Abbey has difficulty telling when people are joking and when they’re being serious, partly because English is her second language.

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