Scarah Screams

Quick-Fire Facts
Scarah Screams

Scarah Screams Doll

  • Scarah’s parent is the Banshee who is a female spirit who warns people of bad times ahead.
  • Her age is 15 and she used to be one of the background characters who went to Monster High school.
  • She has quite a loud voice, she is a Banshee after all and they are known for their loud wails and screams.
  • Her favorite food is Coddie which she thinks is ideal when she wants comfort food that is on the creepy side.
  • Scarah’s best friend forever is Hoodude Voodoo who is someone else who is often misunderstood, that is why they both get on so well with each other.

Scarah is one of the newer monsters at Monster High and this can make her fade into the background a little, but she doesn’t really seem to mind this happening too much.

She doesn’t like to draw attention to herself, probably because people are worried about her giving them bad news. Even though a lot of monsters think she is bad luck she is actually really kind and very helpful to others. She can make friends easily once people get to know her and she is very loyal if she is close to you.

As people are scared of what she says sometimes Scarah can appear to be a bit distant, she doesn’t mean to be though.

Fashion Style & Looks

Scarah doesn;t want to stand out from the crowd too much and she wears 1960’s style clothes which are in green and black. The green color is a link to her Irish heritage and she has a green headband to hold her 60s mod hair-do in place.

Her skin has a pale blue / pale green tinge to it which looks really spooky. A lot of monsters think that Scarah looks make her easy to forget, but once they start talking to her they can’t help but find themselves listening to what she has to say to them.

She doesn’t want to be seen and not heard, but she does love clothes that are little on the conservative side such as sweaters, skirts and cardigans. She needs to work on this to be able to get more of the right kind of attention from the kids at Monster High.

The one thing about Scarah that is really strange is her eyes, they are totally white and don’t have pupils or iris’s and this can make it seem as though she is never looking in your direction when she is talking to you.
Scarah Screams

Freakish Flaw

The problem with being the daughter of the Banshee is that monsters don’t want to hear what she has to say about them as they think it will mean they are going to have bad luck in the future.

Pet Peeve

Scarah hates it when the other monsters attempt to mimic her accent, none of them sound remotely Irish and it really gets on her nerves to hear it.

What Scarah Screams Enjoys Doing

She thinks that she has a great voice and loves to wail, just like her mother. She is also a fan of listening to stories and has quite a few that she can tell herself – it’s just a pity that everyone is scared to listen to them.


Scarah doesn’t have a pet right now but she is working on it.

Favorite Subject at School

She loves Literature class as it gives her the chance to be able to enjoy books and stories without being the person who is telling them.

Most Hated Subject at School

Speech as she finds that everything she says seems to cause trouble for others and she wants to avoid that at all costs.