Power Ghouls Toralei Stripe doll

Power Ghouls Toralei Stripe doll

Power Ghouls Toralei Stripe doll

This is Cat Tastrophe, the Toralei Stripe doll from the Power Ghouls line. Cat Tastrophe is the perfect name for a Toralei superhero doll as Toralei is known for getting up to mischief in the corridors of Monster High. If there’s trouble then Toralei is much more likely to be creating it than stopping it!

Her outfit is striking. It’s an all-in-one bodysuit, large red boots which can be removed if you wish to, and a belt with a feather dangling down from it.

In terms of outfit accessories she’s wearing black earrings, black gloves and a black mask. If ever there was a bad Catwoman it’s Toralei as Cat Tastrophe!

  • This most popular doll from the Power Ghouls line.
  • Cat Tastrophe is her name, she’s the Catwoman of Monster High!
  • She’s the first Toralei doll that has long flowing hair rather than being tied up.
  • She comes with a doll stand.

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Did You Know The ‘Tora’ part of Toralei’s name is a Japanese word that means “tiger”. Therefore her name is a pun on the words “tiger stripe”.

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  1. monster high rules!!!!! says:

    omg I love the power ghouls but where do you get them?! yay I’m the first to comment

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  2. Monster High Mom says:

    Found on Target website for $19.99. Also Frankie the other new Power Ghoul. Did preorders. They have already arrived for Xmas. Anyone know the release of Jane Boolittle? I hear and see people selling presales on eBay and amazon for release in October. Although, I have not seen if this is a exclusive doll or if it is a series of dolls or what. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    • sarah says:

      Jane Boolittle will be coming out in spring of 2014 and i believe she is in the Frights Camera Action doll line

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  3. leah says:

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  4. baby says:

    I like the mask

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