Music Festival Venus McFlytrap Doll

Music Festival Venus McFlytrap Doll

Music Festival Venus McFlytrap Doll

With her light green and pink vibe you can always spot Venus and she doesn’t compromise on her style when heading to a music festival.

She’s dressed in in a hip ‘plunk’ style, where ‘plunk’ means where plant meets punk. She’s the most punk environmentalist you’re ever likely to come across!

Venus is wearing a predominantly black skirt along with black boots. She loves green jewellery as you can see with the way she’s wearing green bracelets, a belt, earrings, and her trademark green vine above her boots. You’ll also immediately notice her stunning hair. She really does have hair that makes you jealous!

As with the other two dolls in the Music Festival range she also comes with a MIP badge, giving her access to backstage at the festival.

  • Venus is predicted to be the most popular doll in the Music Festival line.
  • You’ve got to love her ‘plunk’ style!
  • At this price Venus is a must-buy doll!
  • Her accessory is a MIP badge.
  • Current Price: $18.99

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Did You Know Venus has many teeth that protrude from her mouth, suggesting that she originates from a carnivorous plant.
Price tracking for Monster High Music Festival Doll Venus McFlytrap:
$ $18.99

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Music Festival Venus McFlytrap Doll

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  1. lilly williams says:


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  2. Venus says:

    I have her, I got her at Fred Meyer at Wenatchee

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  3. Monstersrockabc says:

    Venus is my fave character! This is the best doll of her!

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  4. Venus says:

    I love love VENUS is the BEST DOLL and awesome doll and Frankie too !!!!!!!!!!!

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