Music Festival Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Music Festival Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Music Festival Clawdeen Wolf Doll

The ghouls are always up for a good time and what better time is there to be had than at a music festival!

Clawdeen is dressed to impress and have a howling good time. She’s wearing a disco-inspired jumpsuit, a fantastic outfit for a music festival.

The jumpsuit is a pink/purple color and her yellow knee-high boots really stand out. She’s wearing a back belt and a MIP badge – this allows Clawdeen special access to back-stage!

Alongside the jumpsuit and knee-high boots the other stand-out feature is Clawdeen’s hair. It’s literally huge. When it comes to fierce few, if any, do it better than Clawdeen!

  • One of three dolls in the Music Festival range.
  • Clawdeen is looking as fierce as ever with her huge hairstyle!
  • This is the only Monster High doll that’s wearing a jumpsuit.
  • The accessory is a back-stage pass, seen around Clawdeen’s neck.
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Did You Know Clawdeen runs her very own DIY craft video blog.
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Close-up View of the Music Festival Clawdeen doll:

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  1. sarah says:

    I love her hair!!!!! and her outfit is awesome too!!!!!!!!!!

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