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Profile of Lagoona Blue:

From her love of raw fish and the ocean blue color, you can discover all these is to know about Lagoona Blue, the daughter of the Sea Monster, below:

Quick-Fire Lagoona Blue Facts
Lagoona Blue

It’s Lagoona Blue

  • Lagoona is one of the crazy students at Monster High and she is 15 years old.
  • Lagoona loves to eat raw fish, which is also called sushi.
  • The parents of Lagoona are the sea monsters!
  • You will always see Lagoona wearing ocean blue as she loves that colour.
Fashion Style

Lagoona loves to hang out at the beach and her style reflects this and she is always ready for fun with her friends. You will find her wearing a tank top, her flopflops and her shorts which make her feel cool and comfortable.

If Lagoona needs to dress up for a party she will go all out in a black dress that adds to her creepy style.

Her Freakish Flaw

As Lagoona is at one with the water she needs to keep herself well hydrated, if she doesn’t her skin will start to get dry. When she goes in the water she feels better and her skin ‘drinks’ the water to look good again.

If she is swimming in the pool at school her hair will start to turn blue because of the chlorine in the water. But Lagoona isn’t too bothered as blue is her favourite colour!

Pet Peeve

The one thing that gets Lagoona really annoyed is people who have no respect for her beloved ocean and throw rubbish in it.

Lagoona knows the ocean must be kept clean or the sea creatures will start to get sick.

What Lagoona Blue Enjoys Doing


Neptuna, Lagoona’s pet

Lagoona loves anything to do with the water, so you will always find her splashing around in the ocean and having lots of fun.

Lagoona Pet

Lagoona’s pet is a fish called Neptuna and she can take him wherever she goes in her cool purse that is also a fishbowl.

Favorite Subject at School

As Lagoona loves the ocean so much her favourite subject is oceanography.

Not only can she find out more about her favorite place (the ocean), she also gets the chance to go there when the Monster High students have a field trip.

Most Hated Subject at School

Speak to Lagoona about dry rocks, baking hot deserts and boiling volcanoes and she will shudder as she just loves water.

That is why geology is the subject at Monster High that Lagoona will try to avoid.

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Lagoona Blue Coloring Page:

To get your Lagoona coloring sheet just click on the right-hand side image below. A PDF document will open. Click ‘Print’ and your A4 Lagoona coloring page will be printed out!

Lagoona Blue Artwork

Original Lagoona Blue Artwork

Lagoona Blue Coloring Page

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