Frankie Stein

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Profile of Frankie Stein:

From her kind personality to her freaky flaw, you can discover all about Frankie Stein, the daughter of Frankenstein, below:

Quick-Fire Frankie Stein Facts
Frankie Stein

Here’s Frankie Stein

  • Frankie is only 15 days old as she has just been created.
  • As she is just 15 days old Frankie doesn’t always know what her favourite foods are. This means that she has to try things out all of the time, which she loves!
  • Frankie loves to wear black and white and stripes. You will always see Frankie looking great as she takes a lot of time over her appearance.
  • Frankie’s dad is Dr Frankenstein.
Frankie’s Fashion Style

Even though Frankie might be very young she is into fashion and all of her friends agree that she is one of the most stylish students at Monster High.

Her Freakish Flaw

Frankie will often find that the stitches that hold her together come apart every now and again. When this happens it can be really embarrassing, especially if she is in fearleading practice at the time.

Pet Peeve


Watzit, Frankie’s pet

To wake her up each day her dad runs into her room saying ‘It’s alive’ as loud as he can and that can get pretty annoying for her.

What Frankie Enjoys Doing

Frankie loves to try out new things and thanks to being just 15 days old there is always something new to try out each day.

Frankie Stein’s Pet

Frankie’s pet is a dog that is made up of different parts. He is called Watzit and thanks to his different body parts his pet license goes on forever!

Favorite Subject at School

Frankie wants to know as much as possible so she loves history as it helps her to understand more information about what is going on in the world.

Most Hated Subject at School

Water gets inside Frankie’s circuits and shorts her out, so she tries to avoid anything to do with water like swimming classes. She hates to be embarrassed and short circuiting is really embarrassing.

Therefore it’s not surprising that she tries her best to keep away from water at all times.

Frankie Stein Quotes:

“I liked you first but you bailed on me so many times and Holt was always around.” Frankie speaking to Jackson in Here Comes Treble.
“I’ve just got to tell Jackson I can’t see him any more. Quick and Easy.” Frankie in Here Comes Treble.
“Look at Jackson just standing there looking all cute.” Frankie in Here Comes Treble.
“I knew keeping every issue of Teen Scream would totally come in handy one day.” Frankie in Ghoulest Season.

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Frankie Stein Coloring Page

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