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Profile of Draculaura:

From her personality to her hobbies and fashion sense, you can learn all about Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula, below…

Quick-Fire Facts about Draculaura
Here's Draculaura

Here’s Draculaura

  • Draculaura loves the color pink and will almost always choose clothes in this color.
  • The father of Draculaura is Count Dracula.
  • She has recently celebrated her 1,600th birthday.
  • You might find it hard to believe but despite her heritage Draculaura is a vegan – she hates blood! She much prefers munching on fruit and vegetables.
  • She’s the most well-known Monster High character.
  • In the webisodes Debi Derryberry is the person who does her voice-over.
Her Fashion Style

Pink, pink, pink! Draculaura will always be seen in her trademark color of pink, with a few black touches to her clothes. She makes sure that she always looks her best in ‘scartastic’ fashions.

She will usually have her trusty parasol with her to keep her sheltered from the sun as it can get far too bright for her pale skin.

Her Personality

She is known for being extremely kind and sweet. She always has a smile on her face and her kindness was illustrated when Frankie first joined the school. Frankie wasn’t sure if she was going to fit in but Draculaura took her under her wing and before long Frankie felt at home at school.

Other personality traits are that she doesn’t have the best concentration which does mean that she can struggle to focus in lessons and remember facts accurately – which can sometimes lead to mistakes when gossiping!

She always falls in love very easily. You could say that boys are her achilles heel!

Her Freakish Flaw

She can't see her reflection

She can’t see her reflection

Even though she loves to look her best she can’t actually look at her own reflection in a mirror, so she can never see how she is looking. At parties this can be quite disconcerting!

However, with so many years of making fashion choices – after all she is 1,600 years old – she rarely gets it wrong.

Best Friends

Without doubt Clawdeen is her best friend, although Draculaura’s personality means that she gets on with all the other students.

She would probably rate Frankie are her next best friend.

Her Pet Peeve

She absolutely hates it when she goes into the Creepateria at lunchtime to find that there aren’t any vegan meals to choose from. She wants Monster High to think about her needs more and add more vegan food to the menu.

What Draculaura Enjoys Doing

Draculaura thinks a lot about her friends and she loves to see them happy and having fun. When they are with her this is easy as she is such a great friend to all of them.

Her Pet

Bat Friend Forever

Count Fabulous

Draculaura’s pet is the wonderful Count Fabulous who really tries to look scary but never quite manages it as Draculaura dresses him up to look really cute.

Count Fabulous is kept on a very strict diet – he’s only allowed to eat mosquitoes and other very small insects.

Favorite Subject at School

Draculaura loves to let her imagination run wild, which is why she is so great at creative writing classes.

Most Hated Subject at School

As she has just had her 1,600th birthday Draulaura has see all of the countries in the world – this is why she doesn’t like geography.

She thinks that it is a waste of time as she has seen everything there is to see in every single country. With her it is a case of ‘Been there, seen that’.


– In New Ghoul @ School Draculaura’s first friend was Frankie and in this webisode she introduces her to Clawdeen. This works out well and they form a gang of friends, although Frankie does have the occasional mishap. Draculaura though, having such a kind personality, supports Frankie through this.

– In The Hot Boy you get to see her achilles heel – boys! She develops a crush for Heath Burns, another student at the school. This crush develops over time until it all falls apart a few webisodes later.

– In Fright On Draculaura goes through the heartbreak of a break-up as she splits from her boyfriend Clawd. This puts Clawdeen in a difficult position and Draculaura does at times feel like she’s being excluded from things as she’s no longer such close friends.

In Fear Pressure Draculaura officially started going out with Clawd, helped in part by Frankie encouraging her not to simply settle for Heath Burns.

– In Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love you’ll see Draculaura in the middle of two love interests… which boy, if any, will she end up with?

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