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Profile of Deuce Gorgon:

He’s considered one of the coolest ghouls at Monster High. Read on below to learn about Deuce’s personality, hobbies, friends and family…

Quick-Fire Facts

Deuce Gorgon

  • Deuce is 16 years old and he is one of the students at Monster High.
  • Deuce’s mother is Medusa.
  • Deuce loves the color neon green, it reminds him of his mum.
  • Deuce has his own creation called Greek Monster Fusion which is his favorite type of food, all of his friends seem to really enjoy it too.
  • Deuce’s best friends are Jackson Jekyll and Cleo de Nile.
Fashion Style

Deuce loves the skater look and he will not go anywhere without his favorite shades.

The items of clothing that he loves the most are his skate shoes which always have to look good and his hoodies, he has a huge collection of them that he is always adding to.

Freakish Flaw

Deuce can accidentally turn people to stone by looking at them which doesn’t always make him very popular. To make sure that he doesn’t do this he needs to keep his sunglasses on, if you see him without them make sure you tell him to put them back on – and don’t let him look at you!!

Pet Peeve

Deuce really doesn’t like people who annoy him, he doesn’t think there is any need for them to be like that. If someone does annoy him he gets really tempted to take off his shades and look at them, which will turn them to stone straight away.

What Deuce Enjoys Doing

There are two things that Deuce really likes to do when he has the time – playing casketball with his friends and cooking. Believe it or not he can really cook up a storm in the kitchen and his friends love trying out his new creations.


Deuce’s pet is a rat that has two tails and looks kind of freaky. He’s called Perseus after a Greek warrior that his mum, Medusa knew many years ago. Deuce’s mum doesn’t like the fact that he has called his pet this name.

Favorite Subject at School

Deuce loves culinary arts because it means he can show all of his friends just how talented he is in the kitchen, he might just learn a thing or two from these classes as well.

Most Hated Subject at School

Deuce pretends to hate culinary arts, but as most people know he excels in this subject and is one of the best pupils in the class.

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