Dance Class Operetta Doll

Dance Class Operetta Doll

Dance Class Operetta Doll

If ever a character was to be perfect for a dance class then surely it would be Operetta. After all, she is a musician as well as being the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera. Family musical heritage doesn’t come better than that!

Although having said that, Operetta does mainly listen and play music so dancing is actually fairly new to her.

The dance class that she’s taking is Swing. It’s great fun – Operetta loves to make some shapes on the dance floor!

Plus she’s far from a shrinking violet… if there’s something that Operetta lacks it’s certainly not confidence.

Her clothes follow her usual style, dominated by black and red colors. One change from normal is the cute hair-band and bow – it adds some real style and flair to her hair.

  • This is the 4th Operetta doll and arguably the leading doll from the Dance Class collection.
  • Swing is a great style of dancing – if you enjoy it then you need this doll!
  • Have a look at her shoes, they are especially cute!
  • Operetta is the musical Monster High doll, making her a great fit for a dance class.
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Did You Know Operetta’s catchphrase is “Hiding Behind A Mask Of Perfection”.

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Dance Class Operetta Doll

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