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Profile of Cleo de Nile:

From her Egyptian heritage to her highly competitive streak, you can learn about Cleo de Nile, the daughter of the Mummy, below:

Quick-Fire Cleo de Nile Facts
Cleo de Nile

Here’s Cleo de Nile

  • Cleo is aged 5,842, or she could be older – a true lady never reveals her age!
  • Cleo’s favourite food is grapes and she loves it if she can get someone to feed them to her.
  • Cleo’s mother is the Mummy.
  • Gold is Cleo’s favourite colour.
  • Salli Saffioti is the voice-over actor for Cleo – incidentally she also does the voice for Clawdeen!
Her Fashion Style

Cleo is a true Egyptian princess, so you can expect to find her wearing stunning clothes, head-dresses and amazing jewellery along with a bandage or two.

Cleo does her best to look fabulous and she wants everyone to know it.

Her Personality

She is very competitive and like all competitive people this can cause its problems. It’s because of this personality trait that she has clashed with Toralei Stripe but when you look below the surface of this competitiveness you quickly realise that Cleo is actually a really caring person.

Because she’s such a good leader and an organizer she’s great for getting involved in a common goal. For example, when Draculaura was searching for her perfect guy Ghoulia really did embrace the challenge.

Her Freakish Flaw

Cleo has a strange problem for a monster – she is terrified of being in the dark. She doesn’t want people to go on about this and thinks everyone should just get over it.

Best Friends


Nefera de Nile, Cleo’s sister

Unlike many of the other characters Cleo tends to have much more disrupted relationships with other characters, perhaps because she has such a strong character.

After she dumped Clawd as her boyfriend and then started dating Deuce Gorgon the very next day she unsurprisingly had problems with Clawdeen but these differences have now been put to one side. It helped that they both absolutely love the color gold!

Ghoulia is her best friend but even so she does sometimes take advantage of her by having her act as her personal assistant.

Her Pet Peeve

Cleo likes to speak her mind and if this means telling someone at Monster High that she doesn’t like them, she will. This makes others think she can be bossy, and she can, but this comes in very useful as the Fearleading squad’s captain.

What She Enjoys Doing

Cleo loves her role as the captain of the fearleading squad at Monster High. She likes nothing more than putting the other ghouls through their routines to make sure that they are getting it right.

Her Pet

Hissette the Cobra

Hissette the Cobra

Cleo’s pet is called Hissette and she is a cobra with a poisonous bite and a very loud hiss. Make sure that you don’t get too close to her!

In the books she also has a number of cats as pets – after all, cats were adored in Ancient Egypt and that’s where Cleo is from!

Favorite Subject at School

Cleo loves geometry as the triangles and pyramids remind her of where she once lived in Egypt. As she thinks pyramids rock she finds geometry class a piece of cake.

Most Hated Subject at School

As Cleo has been around for thousands of years she has seen everything that has happened throughout history and that is why history is her most hated lesson as she feels that it wastes her time.

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