Clawd Wolf

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Profile of Clawd Wolf:

He’s the only boy sibling in the Wolf family, Clawd Wolf, and you can learn all about him below, from his love of sport to his nickname, Big Monster on Campus…

Quick-Fire Facts
Clawd Wolf

Here’s Clawd Wolf

  • Clawd is the son of the Werewolf and he is 17 years old.
  • He is known as the Big Monster on Campus or BMOC for short and he is friends with everyone.
  • He has two sisters – Clawdeen and Howleen.
  • Just because Clawd is great at sports it doesn’t mean that he is stupid, although when people first meet him this is the impression that they can get.
  • Clawd, just like most other werewolves, loves to eat steak and as much of it as possible, he has to keep his strength up for playing football after all.

Clawd might not look it but he is very loyal to all of his friends and especially Draculaura who is his girlfriend. He is a big character and very outgoing, but he is not at all bossy or over the top which makes him a great person to share secrets with.

As he is a werewolf with sisters he knows what it is like to be a leader and he carries this on in his school life and the other characters love and respect him for this.

Even though he is so popular Clawd does not have any best friends as he doesn’t feel that this would be right for a pack leader like him. You might think that this would make him a little lonely but as he is around so many people all of the time there is no time for him to feel like this.

Clawd also lives with his large family in house that can be a little cramped at times which means they argue quite a lot. Thankfully his bark is worse than his bite and he loves his family dearly, even if they do all shout at each other when they are all together!

Fashion Style & Looks

Clawd is influenced in his style by his sister Clawdeen who is one of the main fashion pack at Monster High. He is a fan of dressing casually which means that you won’t find him obsessing over his outfits, even though he will have had help in choosing them.

He loves to wear slim fitting trousers which show off his long legs and he will either wear a hat with his ears sticking out or slick his hair back into a spooktacular style. He also wears an earring in his left ear and he is proud of his sideburns. He tends to wear a lot of gold and teal colored clothes (teal is his favorite color) and his gold eyes are really striking and a favorite with the girls at Monster High.

Due to his great looks a lot of the girls at Monster high want to date him and before he got with Draculaura he dated Cleo, but she broke up with him to go out with Deuce.


Rockseena, Clawd’s pet

Freakish Flaw

As he’s a werewolf he is covered in fur, but he sheds this quite a lot which can be a problem for him.

Pet Peeve

When people think that he is dumb just because he can play football really well.

What Clawd Enjoys Doing

He loves everything about football from the training sessions and strategy meetings to playing the game against other teams.


Clawd’s pet is called Rockseena and she is a gargoyle who is his biggest fan.

Favorite Subject at School

He wants to be an expert in sports medicine when his football career is over, so he loves Biteology at school and studies it carefully.

Most Hated Subject at School

Clawd’s most hated subject when he is at school is Home Ick, he is not good at cooking at and tends to stay away from it as much as he can.

The Two Clawd Wolf Dolls:

Sweet 1600 Clawd Wolf Doll Draculaura & Clawd Wolf