Draculaura, daughter of Dracula
Abbey Bominable, daughter of The Yeti
Deuce Gorgon, son of Medusa
Venus McFlytrap, daughter of the Plant Monster
Clawdeen Wolf, daughter of The Werewolf
Robecca Steam, daughter of the Mad Scientist
Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein
Rochelle Goyle, daughter of the Gargoyles
Cleo de Nile, daughter of The Mummy
Toralei Stripe, daughter of an orange werecat
Clawd Wolf, son of The Werewolf
Ghoulia Yelps, the daughter of The Zombies
Lagoona Blue, daughter of the Sea Monster
Spectra Vondergeist, daughter of the Ghosts
Holt Hyde, son of Mr and Mrs Hyde
Operetta, daughter of the Phantom of the Opera
Jackson Jekyll, son of Dr and Mrs Jekyll
Scarah Screams, daughter of the Banshee
Purrsephone and Meowlody, the Werecat Twins
Cupid, the the adoped daughter of Eros
Howleen, daughter of The Werewolf
Nefera de Nile, daughter of The Mummy

There are plenty of characters in Monster High but before long you’ll know every one of them! Have a look through the characters above or for more details read through our complete guide below, and in no time you’ll be an expert when it comes to Monster High characters!

The Monster High Girls:

The majority of the characters are girls. Here’s a look at each of them:

Abbey Bominable

AbbeyAbbey is kind of like the Monster High ice queen. She’s from a snowy area in the North where it’s freezing cold throughout the year. This gives rise to her favorite color of blue. Because of her background Abbey likes to wear plenty of fur. When it comes to winter no ghouls dresses quite as well as Abbey! She loves snowboarding in her spare time and actually isn’t really into dating boys.

Clawdeen Wolf

ClawdeenClawdeen Wolf is The Werewolf’s daughter, a daughter who loves to eat raw steak! If you had to describe her you’d call her a fierce fashionista. When it comes to fashion Clawdeen is in the know, she’s always keeping up with the latest trends. Shopping (for clothes of course!) and flirting are the two things that she loves to do most, almost the complete opposite interests to Abbey Bominable!

Cleo de Nile

CleoWith her Egyptian background you guessed it, Cleo absolutely loves the color gold! You’ll recognise this in all her dolls, they are very distinct. Aside from gold Cleo is characterized by her head-dresses and jewelry. She certainly not afraid to stand out from the crowd and has a very strong personality, a personality which can sometimes cause a few problems with the other ghouls but nothing too bad!


CupidIf you’re a romantic at heart and love the idea of being in love then Cupid is the ghoul for you! She loves the color pink – the color of love – and always dresses in a way which is cute and romantic. In a way she’s the opposite of Cleo. Cleo is a born leader and has a very strong personality, one which can sometimes annoy people, whereas Cupid likes nothing else than for everyone to get along well.


DraculauraDraculaura regularly tops the polls for the most popular character. She has an iconic name, is the daughter of Count Dracula, and despite this she has a really sweet personality to go with her small frame. There isn’t a kinder Monster High ghoul. Given that she descends from Dracula it’s remarkable that she absolutely hates blood. You’ll only ever catch her eating fruit and vegetables!

Frankie Stein

FrankieDr Frankenstein is one of the most famous monsters and so it follows on from this that Frankie is one of the main characters in Monster High. You’ll usually be able to recognise her by her trademark black and white outfits, often stripey outfits. Being Frankie does have a couple of downsides – every morning her dad runs into her room and shouts ‘It’s alive’ and Frankie’s stitches also come apart every now and then.

Ghoulia Yelps

GhouliaWhen you think of monsters it probably won’t be long before you start to picture zombies. Ghoulia is the zombie monster – she’s the daughter of the Zombies. As you may have guessed her favorite color is therefore red! Nonetheless she’s not as scary as normal zombies. Rather than eating brains she just likes fast food, even though it’s not particularly healthy, and she enjoys reading.

Howleen Wolf

HowleenHowleen is Clawdeen’s little sister but when it comes to her character she’s certainly not the baby of the family! She’s loud and always wants to be heard which at times has led to people accusing her of being a brat but she isn’t really one. When you get to know her she’s a really loyal friend. Unlike many girls she actually really enjoys playing soccer, so if you’re into that then Howleen is the character for you!

Lagoona Blue

LagoonaLagoona is effectively the water monster as she originates from the Sea Monsters. She loves anything and everything water-related. You’ll always find her splashing around in the sea or reading up about oceanography. She also has a cute pet fish called Neptuna. But if you don’t care for the ocean then be warned, Lagoona will onto you! She doesn’t have respect for people who use the ocean as some kind of dumping ground.

Nefera de Nile

NeferaNefera is the sister of another popular character, Cleo de Nile. She’s older than Cleo and is the character that tends to be most aloof. She doesn’t have any best friends as she has an extremely controlling and strong character. Friends just get in the way with their different opinions! You’ll always find Nefera dressed in gold or blue – gold signifying her Egyptian heritage and blue signifying the color of the River Nile.


OperettaWelcome to the musical character, it’s Operetta! She loves to make and perform music and her idol is Elvis Presley. Similar to many people in the music industry Operetta can be a bit of a diva at times, especially when she doesn’t get her own way. She is a perfectionist so can have arguments with anyone who prevents her from getting her music just the way she wants it! She is very direct but can also be a good friend once you get to know her.

Purrsephone and Meowlody

Purrsephone and MeowlodyThese are the werecat twins, two of the cutest twins you’ll ever meet. Like most twins they are best friends. They love to wear matching clothes so it can be tricky to tell them apart. However, you can do this by looking at their white stripes – they’re on opposite sides. Despite the fact that they like to dress the same Purrsephone does often get frustrated when people think that they have the same personalities.

Robecca Steam

RobeccaIn Monster High there’s a huge array of characters and types of monsters – everyone is different – and few are more different than Robecca as she is actually a robot! This means that she doesn’t even need to eat food, although you may catch her drinking the occasional cup of green tea. She has an internal clock which does break every now and then, so if you’re her friend expect Robecca to be late quite frequently.

Rochelle Goyle

RochelleRochelle is the Gargoyles’ daughter. Perhaps because of her background she has a tough exterior, but like most people with a tough exterior she’s actually very kind and caring once you get to know her well. When it comes to fashion her style is usually described as French. At school her favorite subject is architecture because as a gargoyle you would spend a lot of time sitting on buildings.

Scarah Screams

Scarah ScreamsOriginally Scarah started out as one of the background characters but nowadays she’s becoming more of a mainstream character. Unfortunately for her sometimes people are a little scared of what she’s going to say – she’s known for being the bearer of bad news. Her eyes are also a little spooky and she has an Irish accent – something that is very unique in the world of Monster High!

Spectra Vondergeist

SpectraIf you’re afraid of ghosts then you should get to know Spectra as her parents are ghosts! You’ll quickly discover how fun and friendly Spectra is, she’s one of the most popular and likeable characters. Her fashion style is silk because this material is so light. It allows her to float around the school effortlessly. If you love to gossip then Spectra is the one for you, she’s great at overhearing conversations!

Toralei Stripe

ToraleiEvery school has a mean girl and Toralei’s is Monster High’s mean character. She loves to start rumors and stories, many of which aren’t true, so this can cause tensions amongst some of the other monsters. She’s best friends with the werecat twins although unfortunately she does often get them into trouble. At school she loves drama class so she can practice her excellent impressions of other people.

Venus McFlytrap

VenusIf you love the environment and want to protect it then you’ll connect with Venus as she’s very passionate about the environment. She has a huge personality, she’s certainly no shrinking violet! When it comes to getting people to agree with her she has a clever ‘Pollen Persuasion’ technique where she covers a person is pollen, allowing her to take over their thoughts. So don’t disagree with Venus on the environment!

The Monster High Boys:

The girls certainly outnumber the boys in Monster High but here are all the boy characters:

Clawd Wolf

ClawdBrother to Clawdeen and Howleen, Clawd is known as the Big Monster on Campus and he’s friends with everyone. He’s very sporty and also quite clever, although many people don’t get this impression when they first meet him! He is a little different from most other characters in that he doesn’t have a pet – after all, how would he look after it when playing football? And he also doesn’t have a best friend, he just likes everyone.

Deuce Gorgon

DeuceDeuce is the boy with the skater look, a neon-green skater look to be precise. You’ll also always see him with his sunglasses on, even at night. This isn’t some kind of fashion statement though. Instead it’s because of his fatal flaw – if he looks at someone without them then he turns them to stone. This is because of his heritage – his mother is Medusa, the well-known Greek mythological character.

Holt Hyde

HoltHolt is a very popular student at Monster High which is down mainly to two reasons, his style and music. You’ll be able to spot Hyde with his flame-style outfits, his tattoo, and the fact that he goes everywhere with headphones so that he can always listen to his music. But watch out if you’re a musician – Holt cannot stand bad music! He’d much rather sit in silence than listen to a bad song!

Jackson Jekyll

JacksonYou can spot Jackson by the fact that he’s always hanging around with Deuce and Frankie. He also loves the color yellow so most of his clothes are dominated by that color. He’s one of the more studious boys rather than being sporty. He likes the occasional game of casketball but he doesn’t play football and instead he likes to play video games. At school his favorite subject is mad science.