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MonsterHighDolls.net is the independent site for fans of Monster High. We showcase all the Monster High Dolls right here together with a chat facility, extensive comments from users, detailed reviews, a quiz, your photos, occasional competitions, and much more!

“Our aim is to be the Number 1 Monster High fansite.”

For those people who aren’t familiar with these dolls, they were launched in July 2010, inspired by horror fiction & monster movies, which sets them apart from all the other dolls on the market.

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Background about Monster High:

When unveiled Monster High was considered to be a huge gamble by Mattel. Although Mattel are a world-famous toy company this was the first in-house toy brand that they were launching for over 40 years. The last one was Hot Wheels all the way back in 1968.

The usual approach with Mattel is to launch dolls, see how popular they are, and then produce books and webisodes if they prove to be in-demand. However, Monster High was different. Mattel went all out to create a huge brand from scratch, complete with dolls, webisodes and books from the very beginning.

To create Monster High Mattel had 20 employees working on it from 3 years from 2007. The design manager and overall person given creating for creating the brand is Garrett Sander. In his own words he says, “It has always been my dream to create a toy line and I couldn’t be more proud of what came out of the lab. But it wasn’t without the help of all the monstrously talented creatures at Mattel that truly put the spark of life into Monster High!”

Today Monster High goes from strength to strength and it’s our aim to honor and highlight this with the best fansite on the web.

About Us:

Since the site was launched in 2010 over 1 million fans have visited it and we have 20,000 fans signed up to receive notifications about new dolls. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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