13 Wishes Draculaura Doll

13 Wishes Draculaura Doll

13 Wishes Draculaura Doll

This doll is from the 13 Wishes ‘Haunt the Casbah’ collection. Draculaura has dressed to impress in her genie-style outfit!

At first glance it’s such a striking outfit that it brings back memories of her Ghouls Rule outfit. Draculaura is wearing a stunningly large black lace gown with a rose underskirt. It’s the kind of stand-out outfit that you can really imagine making a great impression at a party.

Her hair has gold tinsel strands running throughout it and her gold jewelery really does compliment her hair beautifully. In addition, her gold spider-web bracelets bracelets in particular are just so pretty.

Also, look out for the magical lantern that comes with her. With it you can make some monster-magical wishes!

  • Draculaura is looking stunning in her black lace gown!
  • She’s expected to become one of the most loved Draculaura dolls.
  • Look for the detailed spider-web features on her outfit and accessories.
  • Along with the lantern accessory you’ll also get a brush, stand and a card with Draculaura’s picture on the front.
  • Current Price: $39.99

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Did You Know Draculaura is president of both the Newspaper Club and Drama Club at Monster High.
Price tracking for Monster High 13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah Draculaura Doll:
$ $39.99

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  2. sarah says:

    GORGEOUS!!!!!! I love her!!! All of the 13 wishes are GORGEOUS!!! I wish I could bye them but money’s tight right now! :(

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  3. sarah says:

    sorry wrong bye i meant BUY

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  4. monster high rules!!!!! says:

    I saw her at checkers weird ha? but she is gorgeous

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